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Over the last ten years, we’ve solidified our reputation as a tested, trusted, and proven video production team with a wide range of capabilities to suit every client's needs.


Specialising in online education videos, product videos, training videos, and advertising videos.


Additionally, we’ve been part of several documentaries and television series that have aired on major networks and streaming platforms like E! Entertainment and Netflix.

Professionals worldwide

consider us their
in-house team.

Our founders.

Klayton and Zané lead the way in terms of client engagement and production. As team leaders, they are always involved on-set and strive to build strong relationships with our clients, ensuring that project visions are brought to life on the small or big screen.

Klayton Stainer

Klayton Stainer
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Zané Pyper

Zane Pyper
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Innovation is creativity and delivery.

KAS Creations is a fast-paced, agile and strategic film and video production studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

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