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Klayton has been involved in many projects including short films, promotional events, music videos, documentaries and commercials.


While studying at Swinburne University, Klayton and his team took on a rotoscoped animation project in his first year called ATOM, which took out the Platinum Remi award at the Houston Worldfest Film Festival as well as the Best of the Next Award in the Melbourne International Animation Film Festival.


In his final year, he created a science fiction based on award nominated writer Michael A. Burstein's, I Remember the Future. With this film, Klayton was won many awards internationally and nationally, including Grand Remi Award for Best Student Film at Houston Worldfest, Best Foreign Short Film at the California Film Awards and was nominated for Young Filmmaker of the Year at the Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Klayton Stainer

Klayton Stainer

Director / Producer

Klayton Stainer

Klayton Stainer

Director / Producer

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