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The Benefits of Multiple Video Segments

How Companies Can Benefit from Creating Multiple Short Videos

When companies want to tell a story through film, they'll often contact a video production company to assist them. Some companies expect to create lengthy videos. For example, a business owner may want to make a roughly seven-minute video because that is how long it takes to go over the different topics they're trying to discuss. However, the longer the video, the harder it is to keep the attention of consumers. One way to increase engagement while telling the entire story is to let the video production company turn one lengthy video into multiple segments that a business can use.

The Benefits of Multiple Video Segments

When a business posts a short video, people will feel more inclined to watch it. They'll see that it won't take up too much of their time to check out what the video entails. The goal for the business is to finish that short video with something suspenseful. They might ask a question or tell their viewers to stay tuned for the next segment. No matter the approach taken, this idea is to keep the consumers coming back for more valuable information. When they like what they see the first time around when watching the uploaded video, they'll be more likely to come back when the next video gets posted. It increases engagement.

Will Consumers Truly Come Back to Watch the Other Videos?

It's a question that business owners have when uploading short video content to their social media platforms. They may wonder if consumers will genuinely come back to watch other videos that they're going to post in the future. If the consumers like what they see the first time around, they're more likely to follow, share, and come back to see what else gets posted. TikTok is one of several platforms that proves this theory as people often have to fit what they can into one-minute and three-minute videos. If they can't fit it all in one video, they have to make and upload more, but people still come back to watch!

Small and large businesses can benefit from working with a video production company to create short yet engaging video content worth uploading on various platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. The content keeps consumers engaged, provides valuable information, and makes it easy for business owners to go over product and service details without typing everything out.

24 AUG 2021



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