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Video production for social media.

How to Use Video on Social Media

As technology advances, so do the number of ways to stay connected through various social media platforms. Have a quick look at this statistic from SMPERTH "As of January 2021, Australia had 22.82 million internet users, a huge 89% of total population. Of those internet users, Australia had 20.50 million social media users with social media penetration in Australia is currently at 80%".

Now think about how the presence of online video can benefit your brand through social media platforms...

For example, businesses can use high-quality video footage on social media to present their products in a new and engaging way that entices consumers and keeps them interested in what the company offers.

Creating Video Content for Consumers

When scrolling their favourite social media platforms, it's normal for consumers to pay attention to videos. Many people prefer watching an engaging short video over reading through lengthy content. When filmed with an authentic message behind it, the footage can tell a story that will get buyers interested in what the business offers, ultimately helping them gain a larger following. If the company has a more significant following, they can make more sales and expect to reach the different goals they've set for themselves.

Providing Video Tutorials on Social Platforms

Video production isn't only about telling a story through the footage that people can watch, engage with, and relate to on social media. It's also about showing people how to use the product they're selling. For example, if a business wants to sell a product and prove that it works well at doing what they claim it does, the best way to make a name for themselves is to provide video tutorials.

Film production studios, like KAS Creations, can assist with this process. By ensuring a seamless shoot, from the lighting to the camera and everything in between. We can help you focus in on the message and provide solutions about the production to ensure everything gets set up correctly to convey the business's message to their followers. As a result, people are more likely to share and comment on tutorials, leading to more exposure for a business.

Video is becoming increasingly popular on social media sites

People like watching videos of others, whether they're doing a tutorial, talking about a product, or even telling a relatable story.

If you're a business owner who wants to stay in the loop and get an edge over your competition, consider including video in their marketing strategies.

25 OCT 2021



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