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Promotional Video Production.

At KAS, we provide a range of personalised video production services to ensure that our clients always have a trusted professional team standing by for all of their video needs.

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As a business owner or brand manager, you know that people are the heart of your organisation.

From employees to happy customers, it is people who tell the story of your success, and putting these people on camera will help your business to shine.


But here’s the problem. Not everyone feels comfortable the moment you put them on camera, and you don’t have the time or resources to produce these videos in-house. On the other hand, partnering with promotional video production companies seems expensive and risky.


So, how can you create a promotional video that perfectly meets your needs?

Professionals Consider Us Their In-House Video Production Team.

We are KAS Creations Film & Media, and over the last 10 years, we have proven ourselves as a versatile, innovative, and creative video production team. Our Melbourne-based professionals are trusted worldwide and have become an extension of many in-house teams.


We will engage with you, understand your goals, and ensure exceptional results every step of the way.

Product Video Production.

Videos are also the perfect way to display your products. KAS Creations can assist you with everything from simple explainers and product demonstrations to promotional videos that weave a narrative and show off your assets in the best light.


Our professionals will work with you to understand the key features of your products and unlock their potential in a visually impressive display.

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To discuss promotional video production with KAS Creations, connect with our Melbourne-based team today and schedule a consultation.

Let's get started.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

Video Testimonials.

Great insights from happy customers.

Pitch & Conference Videos.

Professional productions that you can show when pitching to potential clients

Introduction Videos.

Meet the team and introduction videos that shine a light on your people, your company, and your culture.

On-boarding & Induction Videos.

Give new employees and teams a warm welcome.

Endless options for promotional video production.

KAS Creations can assist you with scriptwriting and storyboards, directing and lighting, location shoots, music, audio, animation, motion graphics, editing, and full post-production.


Our personalised, authentic approach will ensure everyone involved in your production is relaxed and ready to help your brand shine.

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