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Tell the whole world about your brand.


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Testimonial Video Production in Melbourne.

At KAS, we provide a range of personalised video production services to ensure that our clients always have a trusted professional team standing by for all of their video needs.

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Your brand is only as powerful as the people who are passionate about it.

If you have customers or clients who are amazing advocates for your business, you can capture their passion in a video testimonial.


Video testimonials offer something that written reviews cannot replicate. They take the raw power of word of mouth and put it on display for everyone to see.


At KAS Creations Film & Media, we make testimonial video production simple. From preparation to filming to post-production, we provide personalised solutions that show off what clients love about your brand.

Complete Assistance with Testimonial Video Production.

Our team will begin by connecting with you and understanding your organisation and goals. We can even provide advice on reaching out to clients who can star in your video testimonials.

Filming Your Video Testimonials.

On filming day, we ensure your clients have the perfect stage to deliver their glowing message. Our team will take care of everything from location and lighting to production design and filming.


We will have a relaxed conversation with your client that covers all the essential ingredients of an excellent testimonial. We will help them explore why they chose your team, the pains and problems you solved, and the experience of working alongside you.


By letting your client tell their story, we capture the feeling of chatting with friends or talking with family, which showcases both you and your client in the best possible light.


To complement this, we’ll also shoot some overlay footage of you and your client working side by side.

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Exceptional Editing for Your Finished Product.

Corporate videos generally include interviews with selected members of your fantastic team and overlay footage that shows the office hard at work.


KAS Creations provides all the equipment and expertise to make the process a breeze – from scripting to lighting to filming.


Don’t worry if you have a camera-shy team. Our experienced crew knows how to make the whole experience fun and relaxing, and our interview style produces natural, authentic results.

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