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Animation Studio in Melbourne.

At KAS, we provide a range of personalised video production services to ensure that our clients always have a trusted professional team standing by for all of their video needs.

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There is nothing that captures attention, sparks imagination, and stays in the mind quite like animation.

It has an alluring, awe-inspiring, and almost alchemic quality that’s easy to picture but difficult to produce.


At KAS Creations Film & Media, our team can help you harness the magic of animation for all your corporate, advertising, and storytelling requirements.


As an experienced animation studio in Melbourne, we deliver animations and motion graphics that are on-brand and perfectly in line with your organisation, your products, your services, and the story you are striving to tell.

Step Inside Our Melbourne Animation and Motion Graphics Studio.

We invite you to experience the personalised video production process on offer from KAS Creations Film & Media.


Before any animation work begins, we get to know you personally and understand your project. Whether you’re creating explainer videos, YouTube pre-roll ads, product videos, webisodes, or something more, we believe this connection is vital to your product’s success.


Once our animation and motion graphics experts are completely in sync with you, work can begin in earnest.


Our team offers as much or as little assistance as you need, including scriptwriting, casting, directing, storyboarding, voiceovers, closed captioning, character design, music and sound design, and all editing and post-production.


The final video will perfectly reflect what you’re looking for and provide you with a product that’s ready to share with the world.

Kas Creations Logo

At KAS Creations, nothing is more important to us than connecting with you.


To discuss your animation and motion graphics requirements, connect with our Melbourne-based team to schedule a consultation today.

Let's get started.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

Branded Corporate Content.

Product Launches and Product Demonstrations.

Internal Training Videos.

Explainers and How-to Videos.

Social Media Clips.

Music Videos.

Customer Testimonials.

Promotional Videos and Advertisements.

Webisodes and Scripted Fiction.

Animations that are perfect for your team.

KAS Creations can create animations for a vast variety of purposes.

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