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Film Studio in Melbourne.

At KAS, we provide a range of personalised video production services to ensure that our clients always have a trusted professional team standing by for all of their video needs.

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Meet your new film production company.

Melbourne-based and trusted by professionals across the globe, KAS Creations Film & Media combines innovation, creativity, and precise project delivery to realise your vision.


Over the past decade, our team has excelled in the art of film, helping to push the limits of storytelling across practically every visual medium.


We bring a wide range of capabilities and a well-tested reputation to every project, and we are here to not only meet but exceed the expectations of your production.

We Are Melbourne’s International Award Winning Film Production Company.

Film, documentary, short film, animation, or television.


However you choose to bring your vision to life, KAS Creations is here to assist you. From concept to completion, our Australian-based team will empower you to tell your story.


We have partnered with major networks to bring documentaries, television series, and unique stories to fruition. Our work has been seen on Netflix, produced by E! Entertainment and NBC Universal, and been awarded at International Film Festivals in Houston and California.

Kas Creations Logo

Start your journey with our film studio in Melbourne.


To have a chat and schedule a meeting with KAS Creations Film & Media, please reach out to us via email or our website at any time.

Let's get started.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

It all starts with a spark.

At KAS Creations, we strive to create and collaborate alongside you, and this starts with our founders and team leaders.


Klayton Stainer and Zané Pyper believe in creating genuine connections and immersing themselves in your production.


Klayton and Zané will lead the way on-set and behind the scenes, working closely with you to build something special and bring it to life on screen.




Location Services.

Production Design.


Video Production.

Film Lighting and Grip.

Motion Graphics and VFX.

Music, Audio and SFX.


Video Editing.

Comprehensive and refreshing film production services.

KAS Creations offers innovative solutions across all three stages of the production process. Partner with our team to nurture your next film, short film, documentary, webisode, or animated production.

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