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Utilise the power of visual storytelling for your educational and training content.


For comprehensive assistance with pre-production, filming, and editing, connect with the team at KAS Creations today.


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Educational Video Production Melbourne.

At KAS, we provide a range of personalised video production services to ensure that our clients always have a trusted professional team standing by for all of their video needs.

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Educational and training content doesn't need to be dry, uninspiring, and unengaging.

With expert-level video production, you can create a product that elevates the material, meets your requirements, and generates excellent outcomes.


With more than a decade of specialist experience, KAS Creations Film & Media specialises in all forms of educational video production.


Based in Melbourne, our team can assist you with e-learning videos for online courses, workplace training and induction videos, explainer, how-to, and product demonstration videos, and more.


Whether it’s for marketing, health and safety, or just the pursuit of knowledge, KAS Creations can guide you from concept to completion.

Educate, Engage, and Inspire with E-Learning Video Production.

At KAS Creations, nothing is more important to us than understanding you and your project. This allows us to deliver truly personalised and exceptional results throughout every stage of production.

Delivering the Secret to E-Learning Success.

When created as part of an online course, e-learning video content can increase registrations, completion rates, student engagement, and overall satisfaction.


Once our team is completely in sync with you, we can assist with scripting, visuals, and audio for your production. From storyboarding and production design to location, casting, directing, and filming, we will ensure everything meets your needs.

Kas Creations Logo

The perfect solution for corporate training videos.

KAS Creations is proud to partner with businesses for corporate training video production.


Our personalised, agile, solution-focused approach is perfect for capturing your brand and distilling your message. Whether it’s for staff training, orientations and inductions, OH&S, or to demonstrate workplace practices, we can effectively bring your vision to life.


Through a combination of live-action footage, graphics, animations, and voiceover, our team can help you improve the efficiency of your training and your workplace as a whole. Training videos also offer the ideal medium for effectively and carefully exploring complicated and sensitive concepts.

Our partners.

Our Partners

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